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Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.0.1 update

:: 2006-05-17 08:24 :: Программы :: Источник / Ссылка :: Постоянный адрес :: Обсуждение

- Photoshop no longer hangs for several seconds when using painting tools with quick strokes.
- A runtime error that could appear when mousing over a high-res document with the Brush tool has been fixed.
- Documents containing a large number of text layers now open more quickly.
- Problems related to palettes (slow redraw, palettes go white, possible crash) have been addressed. TIFF files from certain scanners can now be opened correctly.
- After editing an image in Photoshop CS2 via the TouchUp tool in Adobe Acrobat software, the image no longer gets repositioned.
- XMP metadata from AI and PDF files is now retained in Photoshop.
- Slow performance when toggling layer visibility has been fixed.
- Info palette numbers are now displayed and updated when moving a curve point in Curves via the cursor keys.
- Problems opening certain TIFF and PSB files greater than 2GB have been resolved.
- The Merge to HDR command now functions properly when using high-ASCII characters in user login.

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